What is My Work All About?

Bio1-imageHave you ever felt like politics, government and social justice have nothing to do with your actual life? Like it is all just overwhelming, annoying and confusing?

What I do is help folks make the connections between their everyday life and politics. So by engaging with and reading my blog, readers get a better understanding of how their daily life has a lot of political meaning and can actually change their community for the better.

My message is that politics can and must be accessible, creative, and sometimes even fun. So my work is centered around using open language that helps folks understand how politics relates to their lives, what they do, and the communities/neighborhoods they live in.

creativity + politics = social justice work that pushes back against oppression, and shifts the world in a radical and transformative way.

Who I am

I am an assistant professor of Political Science at John Jay College in New York City. I am currently on a leave of absence and am a University Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Connecticut for the 2016-2017 academic year.

I’ve been teaching, doing activist work and writing about politics for the last ten years.


Occasionally the blog will be updated with writing about the intersection of everyday life and politics. I like to tell stories about my life and the lives of those I encounter. I connect their emotions, spirituality, hobbies, health, joy, love, professional life and social justice work to larger questions about politics, community and radical transformation of the world we live in.

Who is This Work Dedicated To?


my great-grandmother on a picket-line [she is the woman on the far left holding the briefcase]

My work is dedicated to my family and our ancestors. My mother and father are both activists, and my sister does phenomenal work in Germany on black aesthetics and art throughout the diaspora. My maternal grandmother and great-grandmother were also activists, and my maternal grandfather was an introverted thinker and reader. I like to think that I have a bit of all of them mixed up in me. My family has always been deeply committed to politics, social justice and black arts and culture. As a result, my deepest goal is to honor that legacy with my work, and for my work to perpetuate those values throughout the community in a way that is accessible and meaningful.

Formal Bio

Alexandra Moffett-Bateau is a Assistant Professor of Political Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice- City University of New York. She is also currently a University Postdoctoral Fellow in the Africana Studies Institute at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Moffett-Bateau was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at UConn as a part of the Collaborative for Equity Through Research on Women and Girl’s of Color. Her intellectual work focuses on race & politics, urban politics and political behavior, with broad specialties in American Politics and Political Theory. Her manuscript in progress argues that in order to accurately capture the political engagement of women living in poverty, a fundamental expansion and redefinition of what is considered, “political” is needed.

In addition to her political work, Alexandra volunteers for grassroots’ organizations committed to social justice. Using her expertise as a researcher and academic writer, Alexandra works to support organizations in their outreach to local communities.

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July 2016

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