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    Hey folks,

    so I’m going to be changing up the blogging schedule + format a bit.

    I want to focus the blog and my online work around helping folks find answers to tough socio-political questions. One of the things I bear witness to frequently are the large number of people who have questions about terminology, social justice issues, and any number of other things involving politics, and they have nowhere reliable to ask.

    Increasingly, twitter and social media is becoming a more effective activist space. But what that also means is that a larger number of people are bearing witness to the struggles and fights over justice, recognition, sovereignty and individualism that have been happening behind closed doors for centuries.

    So one of the things that I want to do is start using this website to answer questions about the context and terminology of various political and justice movements. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments and give me lots of feedback. I want this to be a space where folks can feel comfortable both learning and pushing back.

    So on to the new schedule!

    Monday: Political Q&A

    Email me at AMoffettB (at) gmail (dot) com with your questions about words, terminology or issues that you need clarification on. Examples could be “what does cis mean” or “is reverse racism a real thing.” You will be kept completely anonymous so please ask away!

    Wednesday: Open Letter Wednesday

    Friday: Editorial Letter & Week’s content summary (if you are on my mailing list)



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