I’ve been speaking publicly for a diverse range of audiences for over five years. I have experience addressing: poverty, violence, urban politics, intersectional politics, social justice, race and politics, black feminist theory and political engagement, qualitative methods, as well as the creative process and writing.

Look below for a sampling of the speeches and lectures I offer. Interested in booking me for a lecture or workshop? Book me by emailing me here. If you need a lecture or workshop that you don’t see here, send me an email. I am happy to create a lecture or workshop that is tailored to your needs.




Politics in Everyday Life
This lecture focuses on the unexpected places that politics shows up in our lives. From the food we eat, to the apartments we choose, to the books we read, the political is embedded in every choice that we make. Lecture attendees can expect to walk away with a new understanding of “the political” and a creative set of strategies for making a difference in their lives and communities.

The Role of Neighborhood, Race and Class in Shaping Our Politics
As indicated in the title, this lecture examines the role the neighborhoods we grow up in, as well as race and class, play in how we think about and participate in politics. Lecture attendees can expect to walk away thinking more critically about political feelings and opinions whose origins they’d previously never thought about.

Black Women’s Politics in the 21st Century
For people interested in the history of black women’s political organizing, as well as the political movements, strategies and organizations black women are working on and within today, this is the perfect fit. Lecture attendees will leave with a newfound understanding of the diverse range of political and cultural work black women have successfully organized and continue to construct in creative, innovative and politically important ways.



Creating a Collaborative Classroom
A hallmark of all my classrooms is my focus on collaboration. In this workshop, educators will learn how involve students in the production of their classes. From the creation of the syllabus, to participation in lectures, by involving students in every step, educators will have college-aged participants that are more invested, excited and passionate about being in the classroom.

Negotiating Diverse Spaces
In an increasingly diverse society, whether at work, or in the classroom, we frequently find ourselves in more diverse spaces. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to navigate diversity with compassion and sensitivity (specifically race, class, gender and sexuality).

Creating a Meaningful Political Life (that includes more than voting every four years)
This workshop pulls on my research about a unique range of creative political strategies that are employed across a diverse range of populations. Workshop attendees will explore how to create a political life that is fun, creative and meaningful.