I write as a freelancer, as well as an academic, below you will find a selection of my mainstream and academic publications.



The Demolishing of Buildings and Political Communities,” Rooflines: The Shelterforce Blog. November 2015

The Violence Happening in Ferguson is More Than Physical,” RH Reality Check. September 2014

Equal Pay Day for (Some) African-American Women,” RH Reality Check. July 2014

Beyond the Politics of Voting.” The Feminist Wire. April 2014.

Chronic Pain and the Denial of Care for Black Women,” RH Reality Check. March 2014

It’s Time to Rethink Black History Month.” RH Reality Check. February 2014

The Moment After the Anxious Breath.” Anditlit. July 2013

Assuming a Less Anxious Pose.” Elephant Journal. January 2011


Moffett-Bateau, Alexandra J. “Feminist Erasure: The Development of a Black Feminist Methodological Theory.” Feminist Erasure: Challenging Backlash Culture. 2015

Moffett-Bateau, Alexandra J. (revise and resubmit) “Political Creativity and the Negotiation of Political Engagement in Public Housing Spaces.” 2015

Moffett-Bateau, Alexandra J. (manuscript in progress) Redefining the Political: Poor Black Women in Chicago and New Understandings of Political Identity and Action. 2016

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